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New Student Workshop Quiz

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1. Which English course is required to graduate from Bakersfield College?
English B50
English B60
English B1a

2. Withdrawal deadlines may be found in which of the following?
BC Home Page "Important Dates"
Online Catalog
Both A and B

3. Students will be dropped for non-payment        days after completion of online registration.
30 days
15 days
10 days

4. How much study time is recommended for every one hour of instruction?
2 hours
5 hours
10 hours

5. If you are struggling in a class, what steps should you take to increase your chances of success?
Go to the tutoring center
Talk to your Instructor
Form a study group
All of the Above

6. If you are planning to transfer to a UC, which general education pattern should you follow?
CSU general education
BC general education
IGETC general education
All of the Above

7. If when you register, a class you want is closed, is it recommended you do the following:
Use the automatic waitlist
Pick an alternate class section
Pick an alternate course
All of the Above

8. What could happen if you are absent or late for the first day of classes?
The instructor may drop you from the class
You will automatically get a refund
There are no consequences for not attending class
None of the Above

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