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Important: Students must update for the current semester before completing the quiz in order to be cleared for probation.
Students having difficulty with their PIN numbers should go to Admissions and Records in person with a picture ID to have your PIN number reset.

1. Which statement best defines academic probation?
A cumulative grade point average (G.P.A.) below 2.0
Failure to complete at least 50% of the units enrolled in
Enrolled in too many units for the semester

2. Which statement best defines progress probation?
My GPA is below a 2.0
Failure to complete at least 50% of the units I enrolled in
Failure to turn in my homework

3. A BC cumulative institution GPA includes
All coursework taken at Bakersfield College
Coursework with the grades of "I", "W", "NC" and "NP"
All of the Above

4. Students who stop attending a class, without officially withdrawing, may earn the letter grade of "F" for the course.

5. If students work 40 hours per week in addition to attending class, it is recommended that they take no more than
1 class
2 classes
4 classes

6. If you earn less than a 2.0 grade point average after attempting 12 semester units, you will be placed on academic probation.

7. Students who are placed on probation for 3 consecutive semesters will be disqualified.

8. To improve your GPA, you can repeat a course in which you earned a substandard grade (D or F letter grade) and submit a Repeat Petition to Admissions and Records.

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